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Do you want a SMART tool that guarantees that you will be able to remember 98% of what you learn?

Do you want to read about 20 times faster than usual?

Buboflash is a complete learning system

  1. You read internet or pdfs (why give up on paper books? scan them & upload them and use them privately).
  2. You annotate interesting parts or...
  3. ... you follow your friends' annotations.
  4. Buboflash collects all annotations in a priority queue for reviewing.
  5. You review for days and weeks, and when you want to memorise a fact,
  6. you convert an annotation to a flashcard: a pair of question and answer.
  7. You repeat it and Buboflash schedules repetitions for you - completely automatically.

Buboflash is smart

  1. Repetitions will guarantee that you remember it all - almost all actually!
  2. Buboflash will be increasing intervals between repetitions - 1 day, 3 days, a week, 10 days, a month etc - adapting to YOUR memory and to every flashcard individually
  3. You will repeat only what you need and only when you need it. No time wasted. Relax. All planning is done for you.
  4. 100 flashcards, 1,000 flaschards, 10,000 flashcards, more!

Buboflash is social

  1. Annotate books together.
  2. Share annotations, flashcards and even pdfs - if you choose to do so.
  3. No conflicts anymore, everything is versioned, everybody can pick their "version of truth" :-)

Praise for Buboflash

First of all, let me begin by thanking you for your amazing work on buboflash. I have been using your product daily for over a year now and think it is amazing! In fact, I am not sure what I would do without it, when it comes to both learning new material, and helping me retain old knowledge.
username: kkhosravi

I think you are doing excellent work! It is great to know that there are people who understand the value of learning, know about spaced repetition, incremental reading. What I really like about you is also the commitment to openness and transparency, that is so important in the world of knowledge management.
username: rxs

I have used your web extension for chrome and I have to say that it is fantastic!
username: Sirre

I started using your Buboflash once again and i think is great. Just wanted to let you know.
username: El_Misterio

Hi Piotr, I wanted to thank you for making BuboFlash. Working with SuperMemo and PDFs has been a big problem for me.
username: lavedon

it looks really promising! Adding PDF Annotation is a great improvement.
username: almondish

Piotr has now added the ability to export flashcards made in buboflash in PDF to QA txt for importing. This allows you to build the flashcards on the web, export them, and import them into Supermemo. This is brilliant as it allows you to work with friends and maintain question context!
username: jkoppen

Okay. WOW. That's awesome.
username: NinKenDo

A Very Short Introduction

Annotating pdfs

Exporting to SuperMemo and Anki

Incremental reading

Working together on a pdf

Images in flashcards