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Bond indenture
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3.1. Bond Indenture

The trust deed is the legal contract that describes the form of the bond, the obligations of the issuer, and the rights of the bondholders. Market participants frequently call this legal contract the bond indenture, particularly in the United States and Canada. The indenture is written in the name of the issuer and references the features of the bond issue, such as the principal value for each bond, the interest rate or coupon rate to be paid, the dates when the interest payments will be made, the maturity date when the bonds will be repaid, and whether the bond issue comes with any contingency provisions. The indenture also includes information regarding the funding sources for the interest payments and principal repayments, and it specifies any collaterals, credit enhancements, or covenants. Collaterals are assets or financial guarantees underlying the debt obligation above and beyond the issuer’s promise to pay.Credit enhancements are provisions that may be used to reduce the credit risk of the bond issue. Covenants are clauses that specify the rights of the bondholders and any actions that the issuer is obligated to perform or prohibited from performing.

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