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A. Loyalty.
#analyst-notes #code-of-ethics-and-standards-of-professional-conduct #iv.-duties-to-employers

In materials related to your employment, you must act for the benefit of their employer and not deprive their employer of the advantage of your skills and abilities, divulge confidential information, or otherwise cause harm to their employer.

Independent practice

You shall not undertake any independent practice that could result in compensation or other benefit in competition with their employer unless they obtain written consent from their employer.

  • "Practice" means any service that the employer currently makes available for payment.
  • "Undertake" means that you actually have to PARTICIPATE in such activities while you are still employed in order to violate this standard.

If you plan to engage in independent business while still employed, they must provide a written statement to their employer describing the types of services, the expected duration, and the compensation.

Note: Members have to participate in the activities. They do not actually have to receive any remuneration for this standard to apply.

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