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A. Loyalty.
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Nature of employment

You can be exempt from the standard if you are an independent contractor.

Definition of employee: someone in the service of another who has the power to control and direct the employee in the details of how work is to be done. An employee is not a contractor (you cannot control the details of how a contractor does a job). Employment relationship does not require written or implied contract or actual receipt of monetary compensation.


  • You get a new job, but before leaving your current job you solicit your employer's clients (for both current and potential clients).
  • Misuse of confidential information or misappropriation of trade secrets (e.g., taking home client lists, investment statements, marketing presentations, and buy lists).
  • You provide consulting services on your own time. You must get written consent from your employer.
  • Copying your employer's computer models and other property.
  • Encouraging colleagues to leave your employer to join your new company.
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