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B. Additional Compensation Arrangements.
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Example 1

In an attempt to increase portfolio performance, a firm's client offers the portfolio manager an incentive, such as a free vacation. A conflict of interest exists in this case and the portfolio manager must inform the firm before accepting the arrangement.

Example 2

One of your firm's clients manages a ski resort in Colorado. She has told you that as long as you are managing her assets, you are entitled to complimentary lift tickets at the resort. To be in compliance with this standard, you must report this in writing to your employer. The employer will want to ensure that this client receives no special consideration as a result of the arrangement.

Example 3

Steve sits on the board of directors of ABC Inc. As a result, he obtains unlimited membership in ABC Inc.'s services. Steve does not disclose this relationship to his employer, because he does not receive monetary compensation. Steve has violated this standard by not disclosing the benefits he receives to his employer.
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