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TLATA 1996, s19 has modified Trustee Act 1925, s 36 in that it permits beneficiaries in certain circumstances to select new trustees (although they cannot actually appoint them) and to require existing trustees to retire. Beneficiaries may only give such a direction if there is no person nominated in the trust instrument for the purpose of appointing trustees and the beneficiaries are all together sui juris and absolutely entitled to the trust property (TLATA 1996, s 19(1)(b)). They must be unanimous (TLATA 1996, s 19(2)). Beneficiaries may give to the trustee(s) a written direction to retire from the trust and/or a written direction to appoint by writing the person(s) specified in the written direction as trustee(s) (TLATA 1996, s 19(2))
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