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A similar conclusion to Fennelly was reached in Mattis v Pollock (t/a Flamingo’s Nightclub) [2004] 4 All ER 85. A bouncer was chased out of the defendant’s nightclub where he was an employee. The bouncer ran to his home and returned with a knife. A short distance away from the nightclub he came across a group of people, including the claimant, some of whom had been involved in the earlier incident. The bouncer grabbed the claimant and stabbed him in the back, causing him severe injuries. The Court of Appeal held that since the stabbing represented the culmination of the incident that had started within the club, the nightclub was liable for the bouncer’s assault on the claimant. Approaching the matter broadly, at the moment when the claimant was stabbed, the defendant’s responsibility for the bouncer’s actions was not extinguished.
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