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In contrast, he admits in “Buddhist Modernism” that there would appear to be ample evidence that those involved in the vipassana¯ revival, or those training under Zen teachers in the Sanbo¯kyo¯dan lineage, do experience something that they are wont to call sota¯patti, jha¯na,orsatori. I readily concede this point; indeed, it would be surprising if those who subjected them- selves to the rigors of a Buddhist meditation retreat, which can involve upwards of fourteen hours of meditation a day in an excruciatingly uncomfortable cross- legged posture, sometimes in an underground cell utterly devoid of sound and light, would not undergo some unusual and potentially transformative experi- ences. 25 So in “Buddhist Modernism,” Sharf maintains a view much like my own, which strives to acknowledge both that experiences of some sort do occur and that they and their repo
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