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Core principles in the management of the critically ill or injured patient include: (a) definitive control of the airway must be secured, (b) control of active hemorrhage must occur promptly (delay in control of bleeding increases mortality, and recent battlefield data would suggest that in the young and oth- erwise healthy population commonly injured in combat, control of bleeding is the paramount priority), (c) volume resuscitation with blood products (red blood cells, plasma, and platelets) with limited volume of crystalloid must occur while operative con- trol of bleeding is achieved, (d) unrecognized or inadequately corrected hypoperfusion increases morbidity and mortality (i.e., inadequate resuscitation results in avoidable early deaths from shock), and (e) excessive fluid resuscitation may exacerbate bleeding (i.e., uncontrolled resuscitation is harmful). Thus both inadequate and uncontrolled volume resuscitation is harmful
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