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For the analysis of the blanc and espacement see “La double séance” in La dissémination, Paris: Seuil, 1972] without which no text is proposed as such. If text [texte] means cloth (tissu), the word texte, is derived from the Latin textus, mean- ing cloth (tissu), and from texere, to weave (tisser); in English we have text and textile. Derrida comments on this derivation at the outset of La pharmacie de Platon also in La dissémination.], all these essays have obstinately defined sewing [couture] as basting [faufilure: the f aux, “false,” in fau-filure, or “false stringing,” is actually an alteration of the earlier form of the word, farfiler or fourfiler, from the Latin fors, meaning outside. Thus basting is sewing on the outside which does not bind the textile tightly.] (December 1966.)
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