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Critics co n cerne d with th e neoclassicism of eigh- teenth-century aesthetics have of co ur se contrasted th e clarity, gener- ality, a nd universality of th e expression of fe eli ng in eigh teenth-ce n- tury drama, verse, and painting to th e messy partic ul ars and rampant in dividualism of romantic feeling. 2 Never th eless, searches for th e ori- gins of th e latter always start with L ocke and Hum e. H ence the " pr e- r oman ti c" aes th etics of sensibi lity and the go thic are often treat ed as th e mi ss in g link in the chain from Locke to Words wo rth : both the ro - ma nti c egoist an d the man and woman of feeling are seen to be in - debt ed to th e emp hasis on feeling in eig ht eenth-centu . ry philosophy.
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