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red flags for abdo pain in P/E
○ Change in mental status (G) -> infection (particularly UTI)
○ Increased RR (P, G) -> pneumonia
○ Shock (any) -> perforated viscus, GI hemorrhage, severe pancreatitis, MI, sepsis (N, P)
○ Severe pain out of keeping w/ findings -> ischemic bowel, pancreatitis
○ restless/writhing (any) -> biliary or renal colic, testicular torsion
○ Pulling up legs to chest (N) -> volvulus, intussusception
○ Lower abdo tenderness (F) -> ectopic pregnancy, other gyne
○ LLQ tenderness (A, G) -> diverticulitis
○ Supraclavicular nodes
○ Peritoneal signs
○ Abdo distention
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