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greig health record (6-17y) overview
-growth charts & BMI (screen for obesity & overweight)
-daily nutritional recommendations
-measures for prevention of excess childhood wt gain
-physical activity & recreational screen time
-iron deficiency
-canada's food guide
-restrictive diets
-sleep recommendations
-strategies for good sleep habits (school-age, adolescents)
-booster seats & seat belts
-injury prevention
-concussion resources
-internet safety tips
-kid & teen help sites
-internet resources for pts & parents
-the CRAFFT screening interview
-gambling screening recommendations: older children
-screening for MDD
-risk factors for youth suicide
-mental health resources & about SSRIs
-female sexual maturity rating (SMR)
-male SMR
-sexuality qn's
-prevention counselling for sexual activity
-STI risk factors
-cervical ca & STI screening in sexually active teens
-vaccination - strategies for reducing pain
-recommendations for overwt & obesity in children
-type II DM screening
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