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Biophysical Profile (BPP)
• Ultrasound study of fetal gross body movement, tone, “breathing” movements, amniotic fluid volume
• Each factor given a score of 2 if present, 0 if not present or decreased
• Satisfactory score is 8
• Ultrasound parameters must be seen within a 30-minute study:
----1 . Gross Body Movement: 3 discrete body or limb movements
----2 . Fetal Tone: one episode of active extension with return to flexion of limb or trunk (hand opening and closing also acceptable)
----3 . Breathing Movements: one 30-second episode of fetal breathing movement (fetal diaphragm or kidneys seen to move up and down, chest wall or abdomen in and out)
----4 . Amniotic Fluid (AF): single pocket of 2cm x 2cm adequate for BPP
Note that fetus may still have oligohydramnios with a BPP of 8/8.
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