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#charisma #myth
1. First things first: make sure your right hand is free. Shift anything it may be holding to your left hand well in advance. You don’t want to have to fumble at the last moment. 2. Avoid holding a drink in your right hand, especially if it’s a cold drink, as the condensation will make your hand feel cold and clammy. 3. Before shaking someone’s hand, whether you are a man or a woman, rise if you’re seated. And keep your hands out of your pockets: visible hands make you look more open and honest. 4. Make sure to use plenty of eye contact, and smile warmly but briefly: too much smiling could make you appear overeager. 5. Keep your head straight, without tilting it in any way, and face the person fully. 6. Keep your hand perfectly perpendicular, neither dominant (palm down) nor submissive (palm up). If you’re in doubt, angle your thumb straight to the ceiling. 7. Open wide the space between your thumb and index finger to make sure you get optimal thumb-web contact. 8. Ensure contact between the palms of your hands by keeping your palm flat—not cupped— and by draping your hand across your partner’s diagonally. 9. Try to wrap your fingers around your partner’s hand, scaling them one by one, as if you were giving a hug with your hand. You will almost have your index finger on their pulse —almost, but not quite. 10. Once full contact is made, lock your thumb down and squeeze firmly, about as much as your partner does. Shake from the elbow (not the wrist), linger for a moment if you want to convey particular warmth, and step back
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