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Callback to the high point.
#back-to-high-point #conversation-tactics
Now that you've identified the emotional high point that was reached in the conversation don't let it go to waste. Take note of it and put it in your pocket for use in the very near future. Don’t let it go old like some month-old milk that you’re afraid to throw away because of the smell. You are going to callback to it. What do I mean by this? It’s simple, and it’s also a tactic used by just about every standup comedian.

You are just going to refer to it in the context of your current topic. For example, you talked about your favorite kind of dog earlier in the conversation. There was a high point about comparing yourself to a wiener dog because, well, it’s hilarious.

Now your current topic of conversation is style and different types of jackets. How do you callback to the wiener dog high point from earlier by referring to it in the context of jackets?

Yeah, unfortunately, I can’t wear that type of jacket because I’m mostly similar to the wiener dog, remember?

Just combine the two elements and capitalize on the high point you had from earlier. How does this work to your favor? Well, when you refer to that point later in the conversation, it sends a message that you paid attention.

You will come off as an extremely attentive, observant, and even clever person. You’re borrowing the emotions invested and summoning them at a point in the conversation that has lower energy. You are creating the wave of energy from your work before, in a funny and charming way.
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