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Reading out loud.
It sounds simple, but reading out loud this time will be different from any other time you’ve previously done it because you will have a purpose.

Here are the steps.

Open a book, find an article, consult your favorite poet. Find an excerpt about 400 words long, preferably with dialogue from different characters. The more exciting and emotional the excerpt the better.

Read the excerpt out loud. Scream parts of it loudly, while exaggerating whispers in other parts. Use different and zany voices for different characters. Exaggerate any emotion you see in the excerpt tenfold – insane laughter, boiling rage, confusion, joy, etc.

Read the excerpt like you’re giving a performance in a contest, and the winner is judged on how emotional and ridiculous they can be! Pretend you’re a voice actor for a movie trailer, and you have only your voice to get a wide range of emotion across.

Pay attention to your voice tonality. Are you accustomed to using a monotone? Well stop it! Use the excerpt to extend your range of vocal tone: loud, quiet, expressive, and emotional mance.

Remember when your childhood teachers used voices when they read stories to you? Have fun with it like they did and realize how you can create a story based on expressive voices.

You need to adopt some of that when talking to adults – there has to be enough diversity in tonality and pronunciation to make the conversation exciting.

Your vocal tone shouldn't be flat when you're talking.
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