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Transformation method
#art-of-memory #has-images #linking-methods

Transforming – changing object's properties like shape, material, color, behaviour, sound, touch etc.

​ If all properties of an object are changed it is better to call it substitution (we substitute old object with new one, that's the old substitution method). Thus substitution is just a special case of transformation.

Hybrid - object that has some properties of base and some properties of dobe; it is the result of my algorithm

Surface layer (of an object) - Every object has a general shape (e.g. it is round). But it also has little shapes on the surface. E.g a hedgehog is pretty round. But it has these spikes on its surface. Its skin with all the stuff that's on it (spikes) form its surface layer. Surface layer has a color.

Note that a surface can be constructed of other objects (each spike can be thought as seperate object).
We use this fact for letting base be constructed of little dobes (e.g lamp bulbs instead of spikes and skin) or just from dobe's surface (bulb's glass covering the skin and spikes).

(mnemo) deduction – Process of recalling dobe from its base (when the link between base and dobe is already made and we try to recall the dobe when seeing the base). In case of MLS the deduction would be recalling dobe from another dobe.

I use often term deduction instead of recall because in lot of cases the link between base and dobe is somehow logical and thus dobe can be deduced from its base. In case of TM the logic lies in similarities between base and dobe.
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