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#48-laws-of-power #law-1-never-outshine-the-master #transgression-of-the-law
Nicolas Fouquet, Louis XIV’s finance minister in the first years of his reign, loved lavish parties and money. Fouquet was clever and indispensable to the king, so when the prime minister died, he expected to be named the successor. Instead, the king abolish the position. This made Fouquet suspect that he was falling out of favor, and so he decided to ingratiate himself by staging a the best party ever. The party’s ostensible purpose would be to commemorate the completion of Fouquet’s château, but its real function was to pay tribute to the king.

Everyone was invited and everything was fancy as fuck.

He personally escorted the king through tours and shit, you know, brown nosing cheeks deep.

The party ran well into the night and everyone agreed it was the most amazing party they had ever attended.

The next day, Fouquet was arrested by the king. Three months later he went on trial for stealing from the country’s treasury. (Actually, most of the stealing he was accused of he had done on the king’s behalf and with the king’s permission.) Fouquet was found guilty and sent to prison.
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