College English Test, better known as CET, is a national English as a foreign language test in China. Even if you are not Chinese preparing for a College, the choice of vocabulary is excellent for studying English, in my opinion - much better and broader than Ogden's. There are 2 parts: CET-4 (4000 words) and CET-6 (which extends vocabulary by 2000 words to 6000 altogether). I split the vocabulary alphabetically:

Meaning based flashcards with examples

They have definitions in English, example phrases, lists of synonyms and hints in Chinese:

  • CET-4: a b c (full alphabet to come)
  • CET-6 (todo)

Bilingual English-Chinese flashcards

Classic flashcards: question in one language, answer in another. Vocabulary only:

English to Chinese:

Chinese to English:


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