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#bayesianism #cognitive-science #computation #computational-psychology
What Is Computational Cognitive Modeling? Research in computational cognitive mod- eling, or simply computational psychol- ogy, explores the essence of cognition (in- cluding motivation, emotion, perception, etc.) and various cognitive functionalities through developing detailed, process-based understanding by specifying corresponding computational models (in a broad sense) of representations, mechanisms, and pro- cesses. It embodies descriptions of cognition in computer algorithms and programs, based on computer science (Turing, 1950); that is, it imputes computational processes (in abroadsense)ontocognitivefunctions,and thereby it produces runnable computational models. Detailed simulations are then con- ducted based on the computational models (see, e.g., Newell, 1990; Rumelhart et al., 1986; Sun, 2002
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