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#bayesianism #cognitive-science #computation #computational-psychology
Bayesian models have ad- dressed animal learning (Courville, Daw, & Touretzky, 2006), human inductive learn- ing and generalization (Tenenbaum, Grif- fiths, & Kemp, 2006), visual scene percep- tion (Yuille & Kersten, 2006), motor con- trol (Kording & Wolpert, 2006), seman- tic memory (Steyvers, Griffiths, & Dennis, 2006), language processing and acquisition (Chater & Manning, 2006; Xu & Tenen- baum, 2007), symbolic reasoning (Oaksford &Chater, 2001), causal learning and in- ference (Steyvers et al., 2003; Griffiths & Tenenbaum, 2005, 2007a), and social cog- nition (Baker, Tenenbaum, & Saxe, 2007), among other topics.
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