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AGM-axioms of Belief Revision
#conditional-doxastic-models #doxastic-logic #logic-of-conditional-beliefs #private-announcements #public-announcements #serious-possibility-paradox-project
(*1) T ∗ ϕ is a theory;
(*2) ϕ ∈ T ∗ ϕ;
(*3-4) if \(\vdash\) ϕ then T ∗ ϕ = T ;
(*5) T ∗ ϕ = ⊥ iff \(\vdash\) ¬ϕ ;
(*6) if \(\vdash\) ϕ ↔ ψ then T ∗ ϕ = T ∗ ψ;
(*7-8) if ¬ψ \(\notin\) T ∗ ϕ then T ∗ (ϕ ∧ ψ) = (T ∗ ϕ) + ψ
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