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ut let’s start with the first one: this idea that there’s a potentially “perfect girl” out there waiting for all of us. This is a common romantic fantasy that’s as old as love stories themselves. But I’ve actually found that men who have a history within the pick up artist movement struggle with this even more than average. In the PUA movement, it’s hammered into our brains that our emotional and romantic lives are quantifiable and skill-based goals that can be measured and achieved. There are “better” and “better” women out there, and striving to attain the closest version of your ideal woman is very much the yardstick of success and improvement. This isn’t to say that there isn’t some truth to the idea that some women are “better” romantic fits for us than others, [emptylink] [emptylink] [emptylink] [emptylink] [emptylink] [emptylink] [emptylink]
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