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They brought l:fiqqa, 31 having stuffed her perineum, while a hireling, saddler of beasts, was singing to make the she-ass go. She stopped to scold me but I said to her, 'On your knees, 185 l:fiqqa, you and your collected works (i.e. lampoons on me) will be underneath!' And I bared my prick to her. She cowered, just as a she-ass in heat cowers. She found someone with a hard-on, who had changed into easy clothes; and someone who does scandalous things will change into easy clothes. And I left your mother, Jarir, as if she were, kneeling, for the people a well-trodden road. The penis-knobs of the infatuated ones on her arse
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owner: logan - (no access) - Gelder, Geert Jan van: "Sexual Violence in Verse: The Case of Ji╩┐thin, Al-Farazdaq's Sister," (Robert Gleave and Istvan T. Kristo-Nagy: Violence in Islamic Thought, etc.), p185


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