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Are you forgetting al-Zubayr and the men of c Awf, and Wthin, after Nyan and al-Rabab? Did you not see JiCthin among the men of sacd, called 'the broad' after her virginity? 181 She waggled (wriggled, wiggled?) her rump when he went beyond her knees and shook towards her a mighty dong, which subsequently disappeared. When the girl of the BanU Tatnim coughs, the gate of her perineum is fed with dust. One can see a white leprous spot where her labia are joined, like the tuft of hair on al-Farazdaq's lower lip when it is grey.
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owner: logan - (no access) - Gelder, Geert Jan van: "Sexual Violence in Verse: The Case of Ji╩┐thin, Al-Farazdaq's Sister," (Robert Gleave and Istvan T. Kristo-Nagy: Violence in Islamic Thought, etc.), p181


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