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The abductor mechanism of the hip involves two muscle synergies: (1) the trochanteric abductor muscles (GMed and GMin); and (2) the ITB-tensing muscles or ITBten- sioners [the upper abducting portion of the gluteus max- imus (UGM), tensor fascia lata (TFL) and vastus lateralis (VL)] [26, 32–34] (Fig. 1). Kummer [35] calculated the potential for trochanteric abductor muscles to provide 70 % of the abductor force required for pelvic control in a single-leg stance, with the remaining 30 % provided by the ITB-tensing muscles. The TFL has been shown to hyper- trophy [36] and GMed and GMin atrophy [18 ] in those with gluteal tendon pathology
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