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#22-keys-to-success #sales

2. Fear of change.
Any type of change in the status quo is risky and uncomfortable for a client.

The Solution: Provide prospects with a road map for the decision making process so they know what to expect. Discuss details such as: the length and content of the fact finding interview, the agenda of follow-up meetings, and how each of you will decide if the relationship is a fit. Describing the process in detail creates trust and credibility with the prospect and is the best way to handle the fear of change. Think of it this way: if you went to a dentist and he immediately started scraping, prodding and drilling, your fear level would likely be extremely high. But if you were shown x -rays and told exactly what was going to be done then your level of fear would be much lower. It’s exactly the same when you are trying to get a prospect to become your client or when you are selling a client something they know little about. To reduce their fear you need to explain every important element.
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