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This report scc1ns to be i1nportant, for it sheds 1norc light on both the place and the \Vay of presenting the naqi~a in its forn1ativc period. This took place behind a hill, \vhich i1nplics that Jarlr \VHS positioned in a level plttCl\ apparently a courtyard of so1nc kind, perhaps a \vidc one a place in \vhich n1any 1ncn1bcrs of at least t\VO clans could gather. In such a place, only one poet could recite his naqi~a. His opponent \Vas not present there. He \vould hear the poc1n later through others \vho had heard it recited. A._s \Vas the Ct4SC in the t\VO narratives n1cntioncd above about Ghassiin and I:Iuktty1n, in so1nc cases the opponent \vould decide to visit the place in \vhich his rival \Vas reciting the narfi~a, acco1npanicd by so1nc 1ncn1bcrs of the clan that he supports.
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