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History of programming languages - Wikipedia
ained it a reputation of being difficult. Niklaus Wirth actually walked out of the design committee to create the simpler Pascal language. [imagelink] Fortran Some notable languages that were developed in this period include: <span>1951 – Regional Assembly Language 1952 – Autocode 1954 – IPL (forerunner to LISP) 1955 – FLOW-MATIC (led to COBOL) 1957 – FORTRAN (First compiler) 1957 – COMTRAN (precursor to COBOL) 1958 – LISP 1958 – ALGOL 58 1959 – FACT (forerunner to COBOL) 1959 – COBOL 1959 – RPG 1962 – APL 1962 – Simula 1962 – SNOBOL 1963 – CPL (forerunner to C) 1964 – Speakeasy (computational environment) 1964 – BASIC 1964 – PL/I 1966 – JOSS 1967 – BCPL (forerunner to C) Establishing fundamental paradigms[edit] [imagelink] Smalltalk [imagelink] Scheme The period from the late 1960s to the late 1970s brought a major flowering


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