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History of programming languages - Wikipedia
es, the RISC movement sparked greater interest in compilation technology for high-level languages. Language technology continued along these lines well into the 1990s. Some notable languages that were developed in this period include: <span>1980 – C++ (as C with classes, renamed in 1983) 1983 – Ada 1984 – Common Lisp 1984 – MATLAB 1984 - FoxPro (as FoxBASE, later developing into Visual FoxPro 1985 – Eiffel 1986 – Objective-C 1986 – LabVIEW (Visual Programming Language) 1986 – Erlang 1987 – Perl 1988 – Tcl 1988 – Wolfram Language (as part of Mathematica, only got a separate name in June 2013) 1989 – FL (Backus) 1990s: the Internet age[edit] [imagelink] Haskell [imagelink] Lua [imagelink] Rebol [imagelink] D Programming Language The rapid gro


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