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3.1.2 Creditors

Creditors, most commonly bondholders and banks, are a company’s lenders and the
providers of debt financing. Creditors do not hold voting power (unlike common
shareholders) and typically have limited influence over a company’s operations.

3.1.3 Managers and Employees

Senior executives and other high level managers are normally compensated through salary, bonuses, equity based remuneration (or compensation). As a result, managers may be motivated to maximize the value of their total
remuneration while also protecting their employment positions.

3.1.4 Board of Directors

A company’s board of directors is elected by shareholders to protect shareholders’ interests, provide strategic direction, and monitor company and management performance.

3.1.5 Customers
Customers expect a company’s products or services to satisfy their needs and
provide appropriate benefits given the price paid, as well as to meet applicable
standards of safety.

Compared with other stakeholder groups, customers tend to be less concerned with,
and affected by, a company’s financial performance.

3.1.6 Suppliers
A company’s suppliers have a primary interest in being paid as contracted or agreed
on, and in a timely manner, for products or services delivered to the company.

Suppliers, like creditors, are concerned with a company’s ability to generate
sufficient cash flows to meet its financial obligations.

3.1.7 Governments/Regulators

Governments and regulators seek to protect the interests of the general public and
ensure the well being of their nations’ economies.

As the collector of tax revenues, a government can also be considered one of the
company’s major stakeholders
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