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To fill that property we did the following: r Tenant referral program: Current tenants get $100 for referring a new tenant to us. r Open houses: We invited the community to check out our im- provements and enticed them to live there. r Special for Soldiers: We were near a military base, so this was a natural. r Banners: We put them up in the entryway to the complex. r Corporate outreach program (again, through the human re- sources departments). r Flyers at the laundromats, hair salons, and nail salons. r Ads in the local college newspaper. r Ads in ethnic newspapers. r Classified ads. r Strong tenant retention program: Once the good ones are in, we work to keep them in. Not one of these programs was responsible for the majority of leads, but together, they brought in the traffic and allowed us to fill the complex.
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