"Couple this with the fact that humans’ frontal lobes—the area of the brain responsible for things like impulse control—aren’t necessarily fully developed until their mid-30s, and you have the potential for reactive, violent behavior, especially among young men"

"sadistic male serial killers used the former, “expressing” their rage against women or their mother or gay men on body after almost identical body"

"percent of mass killers are male, as are 88.3 percent of homicide offenders in general. And then someone like Nasim Najafi Aghdam, the YouTube shooter, comes along."

"Serial murderesses are often really good at being serial murderesses, and tend to kill for much longer than their male counterparts. It’s the sort of crime that lends itself well to quiet personalities, and if you don’t look like a “typical” serial killer, it’s easier not to get caught."

"quickly. It is expressive violence (violence designed to communicate something), rather than instrumental violence (violence designed to achieve something"


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