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I have thought about this for a while, and I have drawn a conclusion. I think the reason that I have not succeeded using the Incremental Reading feature is because the use of Incremental Reading requires a fundamental change in how I think of learning and study. When I think of studying or learning something, it is always for a specific purpose (Test, certain occasion, etc.). It is like a light switch that I turn ON and OFF. When I need to study, I turn study mode ON, learn what I need, insert information into Supermemo, then mode OFF. A quick but choppy process.

To me, this method of learning is considered “normal” because my concept of “study” has been influenced by traditions I learned, which is “study intensely for test, then forget about it.” Because the desired result of study (Passing a test) is very short-term, then the traditional method of studying and learning must also be very short-term. Therefore, if Supermemo is the method for near-perfect long-term memory, then Incremental Reading should be the method for near-perfect short-term memory (Acquisition or study).

As Drabz said, it is not useful for specific academic themes due to schedules, because these are short-term constraints. Such constraints limit the potential usefulness of Incremental Reading. This is all theoretical because I do not yet understand why Incremental Reading is so good, although the concept has always seemed sound.

Supermemo seems to be the superior method for long-term retention and has been one of my most rewarding pursuits, therefore I am naturally inclined to believe in the potential superiority of Incremental Reading. The only thing holding me back has been myself (Laziness, to be precise).

I am going to give incremental reading a try over the next few weeks, I’ll let you know how it turns out.
Also, I just hit 29,000 items. When I hit 30,000, I am going to have a party!

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