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social or informal recognition. We defi ne this type of recognition as an individual and/or group (thus the use of the term social) provid- ing contingently informal genuine acknowledgment, approval, and appreciation for work well done to another individual and/or group. This informal recognition is provided typi- cally on a one - on - one personal level (thus the use of the term informal), verbally, and/or in writing/email. Besides social and informal, we also emphasize the qualifier “ genuine ” in this definition because it does not include phony praise, “ attaboys ” (or girls), a smiley face, or a pat on the back. This type of recognition is also given contingent upon exhibiting the desired/relevant behavior(s) that has a favorable impact on desired performance outcomes. In summary, though the term recognition as used in this chapter is social, genuine, and contingently administered, we will mostly refer to it as informal recognition to differenti- ate from formal recognition
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