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In Lecture 8, we explore long division, short division, and Vedic division, a fascinating technique that can be used to generate answers faster than any method you may have seen before. Lecture 9 will teach you how to improve your memory for numbers using a phonetic code. Applying this code allows us to perform even larger mental calculations, but it can also be used for memorizing dates, phone numbers, and your favorite mathematical constants. Speaking of dates, one of my favorite feats of mental calculation is being able to determine the day of the week of any date in history. This is actually a very useful skill to possess. It’s not every day that someone asks you for the square root of a number, but you probably encounter dates every day of your life, and it is quite convenient to be able to figure out days of the week. You will learn how to do this in Lecture 10. In Lecture 11, we venture into the world of advanced multiplication; here, we’ll see how to square 3- and 4-digit numbers, find approximate cubes of 2-digit numbers, and multiply 2- and 3-digit numbers together. In our final lecture, you will learn how to do enormous calculations, such as multiplying two 5-digit numbers, and discuss the techniques used by other world- record lightning calculators.
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