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_\bl1 'l;bayda rncntions t\VO reports that explain the causes of the quarrel bct\vccn Jarir and al-Farazdaq. _\ccording to the first, jealousy led the latter to cornposc invective poetry against Jar .. ir. This report tells about a good relationship bct\vccn the t\VO poets. On his \Vay bttck frorn a pilgrirnagc, al-Farazdaq arrived at Lughii~, \vhich \Vas perhaps a source of \vatcr or a rnountain in al- '{a1nii1na, Tl \vhcrc Jar1r and his farnily lived. Jarir visited hirn, apologized for his attack on al-Ba 'Ith, and recites sornc of his love and invective verses. _\l-1\a\viir, al-Farazdaq's \vifc, listened to Jarir and adrnircd his pocrns. _\l-Farazdaq, \vhosc jealousy \Vt4S aroused by her co1npli1ncnts, cornposcd sornc invective verses against Jarir. _\bli 'l;bayda docs not rncntion these verses nor docs he rncntion any countcr- vcrscs by Jarir in \vhich he condcrnns aJ-Farazdtt(l for his invective. It sccrns that either the verses of al-Farazdaq did not reach Jarir, or, if they did, Jarir decided for sornc reason not to condcrnn al-Farazdaq. _:\._ third possibility rnay be that Jarir really knc\v about al-Farazdaq's verses, and that he ttctually cornposcd verses refuting thcrn, but these \Vere lost.
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