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AJ-Farazdaq continued his journey to al-Btk?ra 75 , and there he de- cided not to co1nposc invective poetry against :0.-'Iusli1ns again. He shttck- lcd his legs and took an oath not to rclct4SC his shackles before learning the Qur)iin by heart. 70 _:\._ delegation of sornc \VOincn frorn his clan, :V'Iujiishi\ 77 visited hirn. They reproached hirn for \vhat he had done to hin1sclf, told hirn about the harsh invective pocn1s that J arlr corn posed against thcrn, urged hirn to release his shackles and begin cornposing invective poetry against Jar1r. AJ-Farazdaq bo\vcd to this pressure, re- leased hin1sclf, and stopped learning the Qur)iin in order to cornposc poetry [l\JF 31]. 78 This \Vt4S the second, and n1ore serious, reason that obliged al-Farazdaq to enter the naqii/ir/, contest against Jarlr.
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