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1. I have her come over to pick me up and only let her stay a couple minutes.This is because it's a lot easier to get a woman back to your house at the end of the night if you've already had her over and nothing has happened. 2. At the end of the date, I invite her back to my place and pour drinks. 3. If she notices my guitar (it is prominently placed], I pick it up and play her a song. 4. We play with my puppy. 5. I show her the rooftop. 6. I bring her back to the apartment and show her the Winamp music program on my computer while I sit her down on my lap. While she's playing with the visualizations in Winamp, I kiss her on the cheek. 7. She either turns and kisses me on the lips, or she continues playing with Winamp. If she hesitates, I just show her more things on the computer and then kiss her on the cheek again. She wants to be directed and ordered about. That is what almost all women want. 8. You can figure out the rest. —Maddash
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