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PAPA: Hey, you know, you look like a little cartoon version of Britney Spears. Oh, maybe its just your teeth. Paris put her salsa container back on the table, looked at me, and smiled. Then I told her Style's Cs versus Us routine. PAPA: Yeah! You have Britney teeth. Well, that's what my ex-girlfriend said. I mean, she has a theory that girls who have teeth in a wide C-shape, like Britney Spears, are perceived as good girls, no matter how many guys they hook up with. You have the same kind of C-shaped teeth. PARIS: (Excited and smiling) Oh, yeah? PAPA: Hey, I mean, just look at the smiles of the cover girls on magazines. They have the same kind of teeth. Well, at least that's what she said. She even got surgery done to her teeth because she had U-shaped teeth, like Christina Aguilera. She said U-shaped teeth are perceived as unfriendly, and that's why Christina Aguilera has the bad girl reputation and Britney Spears doesn't.
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