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Difference Of Squares | Brilliant Math & Science Wiki
he following equals \(\dfrac { { a }^{ 2 }-{ b }^{ 2 } }{ a-b } \) for \(a\neq b\)? [emptylink] 199 187 197 198 What is \(99^2 - 98^2 \, ?\) Note: Try it without using a calculator. [emptylink] <span>Submit your answer \[\large \color{blue}{2014}\color{blue}{2014} \times \color{blue}{2014}\color{blue}{2014} - \color{blue}{2014}\color{red}{2013} \times \color{blue}{2014}\color{fuchsia}{2015} = ? \] Don't use a calculator! Further Extension Since the two factors are different by \(2b\), the factors will always have the same parity. That is, if \(a-b\) is even then \(a+b\) must also be even, so the product


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