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"How good of a kisser are you, on a scale of one to ten?" "I'm a ten," she said. "I like soft, slow, teasing kisses. I hate it when someone rams their tongue down my throat." "Yeah, I had a girlfriend who did that. It was like making out with a cow." "I give amazing blow jobs," she said. "Respect." That one-word answer had taken me months to figure out. Some women like to make extremely sexual comments after meeting a man. It is a shit test. If the guy becomes uncomfortable, he fails; however, if he takes the bait and gets excited or says something sexual in response, he also fails. Af- ter watching the British television character Ali G, I discovered the solution: Just look her in the eye, nod approvingly, and, with a slight smile creeping across your face, say, "Respect," in a smart-ass tone.
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