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14 - Code_Aster and Salome-Meca course material GNU FDL Licence Other points to pay attention to: Axi-symmetrical model AXIS: Node coordinates: y must be the axis of symmetry and the values of x must be positive Orientation of the normals: Command MODI_MAILLAGE [U4.23.04] Checks the orientation of the normal vector for plate/shell elements as well as for the borders where a pressure is applied (2D/3D) Reorients properly the cells where contact is defined ◊ ORIE_NORM_COQUE = _F( This keyword is for testing whether in a list of surface mesh cells (shells), the normals are mutually consistent. Otherwise, some cells are redirected. ◊ ORIE_PEAU_2D = ◊ ORIE_PEAU_3D = These keywords are used to redirect the mesh edges so that their normals are consistent (pointing towards the outside of the material). This is a prerequisite if, for example, one wants to apply a pressure load on this "skin".
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