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Extract the evolution of a quantity as a function of another ([U4.32.04]); From a result data structure, the generated function corresponds to the temporal evolution of a component of a node or Gauss point of the model. From a table data structure, this operator can extract the evolution of two parameters. % COURBE SIGMA YY AU POINT G EN FONCTION DU TEMPS SYYG = RECU_FONCTION ( RESULTAT = RESUNL, NOM_CMP = 'SIYY', NOM_CHAM = 'SIEF_NOEU', GROUP_NO = G, TOUT_ORDRE = 'OUI') ; % COURBE SIGMA XX A T DONNE EN FONCTION DE L’ABSCISSE fct = RECU_FONCTION ( TABLE = tab, PARA_X = ‘ABSC_CURV’, PARA_Y = 'SIXX') ;
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