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The data model allows for arbitrary object graphs to be stored in the ledger. These graphs are called states and are the atomic unit of data.
• Nodes are backed by a relational database and data placed in the ledger can be queried using SQL as well as joined with private tables, thanks to slots in the state definitions that are reserved for join keys.
• The platform provides a rich type system for the representation of things like dates, currencies, legal entities and financial entities such as cash, issuance, deals and so on.
• States can declare a relational mapping and can be queried using SQL.
• Integration with existing systems is considered from the start. The net- work can support rapid bulk data imports from other database systems without placing load on the network. Events on the ledger are exposed via an embedded JMS compatible message broker.
• States can declare scheduled events. For example a bond state may declare an automatic transition to an “in default” state if it is not repaid in time.
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