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Corda network consists of the following components: • Nodes, communicating using AMQP/1.0 over TLS. Nodes use a relational database for data storage. • A permissioning service that automates the process of provisioning TLS certificates. • A network map service that publishes information about nodes on the network. • One or more notary services. A notary may itself be distributed over multiple nodes. • Zero or more oracle services. An oracle is a well known service that signs transactions if they state a fact and that fact is considered to be true. They may also optionally also provide the facts. This is how the ledger can be connected to the real world, despite being fully deterministic. A purely in-memory implementation of the messaging subsystem is provided which can inject simulated latency between nodes and visualise communica- tions between them. This can be useful for debugging, testing and educational purposes
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