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2~5 Runn~g a scriJ> l!! om tb~ c-ommand Ji:Oe interface (c;LI) The kernel command line interface is the area below the viewport in Abaqus/CAE. Chances are the message area is currently displayed her e. If you click the box with '>>> ' on it you will be able to type in commands. We will use this to test a few diff erent Python commands in th e next chapter. For now l wish to mak e you aware that it is possible to run a script from here using the execfile() command. Type in Execfile('cantilev e r_beam . py ') Th e file you've passed as an argument to ex ec file() needs to be present in the current work directory for Abaqus, otherwise you need to spell out the full path such as: Execfile('C;\U ser s\Gau ta m\De skt op\ Boo k\ca ntilever _') By default the work directory is C:\Temp although you can change it using File > Set Work Directory ..
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