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House of Representatives is composed of 435 elected, voting members and six delegates from the U.S. territories or from Washington, D.C., with nonvoting privileges. Legislation and tasks are divided into 20 standing committees, 4 joint committees, and 1 select committee. The committees with jurisdiction over health-related policy include the following: a. Appropriations has jurisdiction similar to that listed above. b. Ways and Means has jurisdiction over taxation and most programs authorized by the Social Security Act, similar to the Senate Finance Committee. c. Energy and Commerce is the oldest standing committee of the House of Representatives. It has over- sight of the DHHS and is similar to the Senate HELP committee. d. Veterans’ Affairs oversees issues related to VA. e. Legislation is sent to any committee that has jurisdiction over any of the provisions in the bill. For example, the companion bill to S. 314, the Pharmacy and Medically Underserved Areas Enhancement Act (H.R. 592) introduced in the House in 2015, was referred to the Subcommittees on Health in both the Energy and Commerce and Ways and Means committees.
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