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CMV infection after SOT can be classified as asymp- tomatic (subclinical), whereby viral replication is detected in the blood in a patient without clinical signs and symp- toms, or symptomatic CMV disease, which can be further categorized into CMV syndrome or tissue-invasive dis- ease. CMV syndrome is characterized by fever, malaise, and some degree of myelosuppression. CMV could also invade various organ systems leading to tissue-invasive CMV disease. The most common organ affected by CMV is the GI tract, accounting for over 70% of tissue-invasive CMV disease cases. CMV has a predilection to infect the transplanted allograft, where it may manifest as hepa- titis, pneumonitis, myocarditis, pancreatitis, or nephritis among liver, lung, heart, pancreas, and kidney recipients, respectively. Rarely, it can cause retinitis, meningoen- cephalitis, and polyradiculopathy after transplantation
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